How to calculate your

Body Mass Index

Enter your weight and height using standard or metric measures.

Underweight 16 17 18 Normal 18 - 25 Overweight 25 - 29 Obesity 30 - 40 Extreme Obesity 40 +

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) with our easy-to-use BMI calculator. Find out if your weight falls within a healthy range for your height and take steps towards a fitter, healthier you.

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) is widely recognized for assessing body fat content. Simply relying on your weight alone is insufficient to determine if you maintain a healthy weight range. It’s important to consider that the ideal weight may vary between men and women with similar heights.

To illustrate, a taller but slender individual might weigh more than a shorter but plumper person. So, how can you accurately ascertain whether you fall within the healthy weight range or not? The answer lies in utilizing your BMI, which correlates your weight with your height and helps resolve this confusion. By calculating your BMI, you can better understand whether your current weight aligns with a healthy range for your height.

How to calculate BMI?

To determine your BMI, start by obtaining your weight and height measurements. Once you have these values, follow these two steps to arrive at the result:

  1. Multiply your height by itself (height x height).
  2. Divide your weight by the answer obtained in the first step.

For adults aged 20 years and above, BMI values fall into specific weight status categories, which are as follows: [Here, list the weight status categories as per the standard BMI classifications.]

The range remains the same for males and females. There is no separate BMI calculator for men and women.

BMI International System of Units (SI)

BMI = weight (in kilograms) / (height (in meters) * height (in meters))


Step 1: Convert height from centimeters to meters. Height in meters = 166 cm / 100 = 1.66 m

Step 2: Calculate BMI using the formula: BMI = weight (in kilograms) / (height (in meters) * height (in meters)) BMI = 75 kg / (1.66 m * 1.66 m)

Step 3: Calculate the height squared: BMI = 75 kg / 2.7556 m^2

Step 4: Divide the weight by the height squared: BMI ≈ 27.20

So, the BMI for a person who weighs 75 kg and is 166 cm tall is approximately 27.20 kg/m^2.

BMI Calculator

BMI for Children

Body fat content in children undergoes changes as they age, and it is typical for teenage girls to possess a higher body fat percentage than boys. The calculation of BMI for children employs the same formula as that for adults. However, the resulting value is then plotted on standard gender-specific BMI-for-age percentile charts designed for children. This process helps determine the child’s weight status in comparison to other children of the same gender and age group.

The BMI range is identical for both males and females. There is no distinct BMI calculator for men and women; the same formula and range apply to both genders.

BMI chart for adults

The provided graph illustrates BMI categories derived from World Health Organization data. The graph includes dashed lines, which denote subdivisions within each major categorization.

  1. Underweight: BMI less than 18.5
  2. Normal weight: BMI between 18.5 and 24.9
  3. Overweight: BMI between 25 and 29.9
  4. Obesity (Class 1): BMI between 30 and 34.9
  5. Obesity (Class 2): BMI between 35 and 39.9
  6. Extreme Obesity (Class 3): BMI 40 and above
BMI Calculator


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